Sunday, February 6, 2011!!!

Hi there!

I've been busy for the past 4 Saturdays with my photography course, Xmas gift from my husband and a great and fun surprise for me! I'm enjoying it very much and it's becoming more and more challenging, fun and interesting. Met some nice people overthere too!

I wanted to share with you guys what I've learnt so far, and the tasks I've completed.
Still 4 sessions to attend...

Week 1:

We were learning about 3 basic features - aperture, shutter speed and ISO.
As you might assume...we moved from AUTO and played with MANUAL :-)
Was so much fun to see how big amateurs we all are!!

Our weekly task was to pick 10 good photos, from any photographer, photos of things that we like, something very general. So here is my mosaic of let's 10 "things i like".

My creation

Week 2:


We continued with the basics of photography...still a lot more to learn!

The task of the week was to take 10 min walk from home and start taking photos in the place where we stopped after those 10 min countdown.
 Challenging task, indeed!

I have to say I sucked in this one...wasn't up to it neither ready for it.
I was out for a stroll with my baby boy who didn't want to nap that day so I couldn't take all the time that I needed to do the task. The weather was very bad that day too....very cloudy and windy, so greyish...or maybe that's an excuse for my dull photos ;-)'s my  B&W portfolio.

B&W mosaic

Week 3 will follow...right now I need to stop writing my blog because I am starving :-)


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