Sunday, January 23, 2011

Thinking of redecorating our red dining wall.

Hi everyone!

I promised myself I won't wait another year to complete another project at our home, so I'm constantly looking for new ideas for our oh-so-empty dining room.

For the moment, we have only nice big wooden table and 6 chairs in our dining room...facing a bright red wall. And there's an olive tree- wall sticker that I brought from my hometown, and a wooden box - storage for our papers, documents etc.

Now I'm thinking of adding some new colours like white, green, yellow...getting a new drawer unit, hanging some drawings and photos, adding some cosiness to it.

I'll keep you posted!


Heart collage

Marie Claire Idées Janvier 2010, originally uploaded by Vicky Tate.

Finally it's here!!

Two years ago I saw a very nice heart shaped collage in Marie Claire Idees and the idea was born!

At that time we just moved to our new appartement so that seemed like a good decorative idea for a big grey wall of our bedroom. I love photography and I've been taking photos like a crazy japanese tourist (no offense) for the past 3 years so I gathered remarkable collection of my own piece-of-arts.

I picked my favorite family photos, printed them in B&W and framed them in black.
So the pile of 38 photos were waiting in our storage room and collecting dust for...almost 1 year!

Last weekend, two great procrastinators - my husband and me, decided to finish the "project" so here are the steps of our "hard" work...

  My husband in action.

Frame by frame...and finally the last 38th frame was hanged on the wall.

Recently Updated4
After 2 hrs of non stop work our wall has finally got some LOVE.

At the end...I have to say, last night we slept much better in our "love" bed and dreamt of our next project that hopefully won't take as long as this one...

Take care!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Year - New Resolutions

Hi everyone!

First of all I would like to wish you all a very happy, joyful and creative New Year!
Then, I could start by introducing myself :-)
My name is Kristina but my family and friends call me Kiki.
I'm 34, I live in Dubai for past 3 years but I'm originally from Croatia.
I'm a stay home mum with adorable baby boy and loving husband.
I love too many things...crafting, photography, painting, drawing, reading, watching nice movies, dancing, cooking, sewing, crocheting, travelling, chatting, shopping and so much more...

I hope soon I will have some nice things to share here with you,
so let's stay in touch!