Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Photography course - week 3, 4 and 5

Hi everybody!

I don't know about you, but I hardly manage to keep up with my weekly tasks, including this BLOG!
I spend at lest 2 hours a day in front of my computer but somehow I never get a chance to focus on
writing my journal. Alex is just one of the reasons for my distraction :-) I am again!

Let me continue with my photography course. A lot of things happened since the last time.

Week 5 is behind me, only 3 more weeks to go before the final task. I have to say...I will miss it! I really enjoy my Saturday mornings. Not just the course but the whole routine....waking up earlier than usually,
preparing take away breakfast for Alex, driving to the Ladie's club with my husband and seeing my family waiting for me 2 hrs later...what a joy!

Our 3rd week session - The Depth of Field

I love taking photos with a shallow depth of field, especially portraits, so from now on I will apply this golden rule very often!
This week task was to take 10 good shots. I won't share those photos with you because I can't find them on my computer anymore...pfffff.  Bad luck!

Week 4 - White Balance

Exploring White Balance was very interesting to me. It's unbelievable how the same shot could look different with different white balance settings. I might use this tool in the future...if I won't foget about it! ;-)
This week task was to take photos of people. Taking Portraits.
So here they are...

Talking Portraits

Week 5 - Histogram

Learning about histogram won't actually  help me taking great shots but it will add value to my knowledge about photography. This week class was very interesting because we were looking at all our photos, previous week's tasks, and comenting them. I've heard some critics about my work as well, mostly good,
so I'm happy as a kid now! :-)
Next assignment...20 good shots! To die for!

See you soon! Gonna take some photos now ;-)


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